How to Use a Battery Pack to Light LED Light Strips

1. How do you charge battery packs for LEDs?

It’s really quite simple, but it isn’t as straightforward as other gadgets that simply need to be connected to a charger. The two available battery packs employ the same charging technique, but things will change somewhat depending on which one you choose. Before they can be charged, both the 3800 Milli-amp and 6000 Milli-amp battery packs must first be switched on.  The eight-hour recharge time is the same for all 4 battery packs. Each battery pack has a red LED light to indicate that it is turned on. Connect the battery pack to the charger, and check to make sure the charger is connected to the wall outlet. Because an empty battery pack takes 8 hours to fully charge, please prepare ahead of time!

2. What do the lights on the wall charger indicate?

Now, these two lights are even easier to use than the charging instructions. It really can’t get much simpler than a three-step charge, but bear with me here. The red light on your wall charger is there to indicate whether or not it has any electricity. the green light, on the other hand, has a different meaning. When the battery pack is completely charged, the green light turns on. Isn’t that what I said?

3. What if the green light doesn’t come on after eight hours of charging?

Have you made any attempts to ensure that other appliances in your house are still operational? If not, you may have lost electricity and should contact your power supplier. Unless the extremely probable event occurs, check to see whether the battery pack is in the “on” position. It’s time for a little bit of testing if the pack was on and the charger was glowing. Check to see if your LED rechargeable battery pack can light up your lights for an adequate length of time.

4. How long will the battery pack last?

The battery packs we sell are rated in milliamp hours, with options of thirty-eight hundred or six thousand milliamp hours. Finding your strips’ wattage is essential to determining how many amps they consume, so let’s use a simple example. A regular density 3528 LED light strip draws twenty-four watts and may be divided by twelve to yield its amp draw, which is referred to as two amps. Most of the time, however, your amp draw is much higher. If you keep this in mind while determining how long a battery will last on light usage (hours), the calculations get clearer and simpler. For example, if your wattage draw is 1000 watts and you use 100 watts every hour for one hour, then: 12 divided by (watt draw) = A; A x 1000=M; M equals hours of battery life. The formula below may be used to estimate the length of time a battery pack will last when subjected to light use (hrs).

5. What can the battery pack power?

The battery packs may power LED Strips and LED Bars! That’s all there is to it. I wish I had more information for you, but it’s a lost cause now.

6. Is the battery pack weatherproof?

The LED rechargeable battery pack is designed for indoor usage only. That does not imply you can’t use it outside; simply make sure you take good care of it. The battery pack is intended to be portable, so don’t be discouraged from using it in your outdoor activities, but also remember to be careful with it. Make sure the weather isn’t too hot or cold when using your system. While water may be a deal-breaker for most indoor equipment, this isn’t the case with this device since its waterproof design allows it to function regardless of how filthy or dusty the environment gets (making cleaning easier).