LED STRIP LIGHTS: What You Should Think About Before Purchasing Them

Leading LED strip light producers such as Govee, Phopollo, Gusodor, and Day should produce a wide range of nearly identical goods. As a result, the tiniest nuances can have a big impact. Barrina and Cotanic are more specialized. The following factors all influence selection. 

Brightness and Color

The brightness of an LED light strip is measured in lumens, with higher numbers indicating a brighter glow. A 100-watt standard incandescent bulb formerly described as being 1600 Lummies now only produces about 500 Lumens thanks to its smaller size and more even spread along walls – so it’s not surprising that many manufacturers don’t provide figures!

Light colours, like those in the kitchen but not bedrooms. Kelvin (K) measurements may also be quoted when discussing LED strip lights; these devices come with dimmable features that allow them to be used at multiple locations and offer mood-lit options for each colour option on top of their ability to light up your space!


Some LED light strips are solid, like fluorescent tubes. They come in a greater variety of shapes and sizes with most being flexible enough to be cut into shorter lengths if needed-but there’s always one teensy problem: availability! If you don’t find what you’re looking for online then expect extra costs associated with due lacking additional fittings or connectors which may vary depending upon where they’re sold (eBay vs Amazon).


LEDs have a long life expectancy and don’t require much maintenance. They can be attached to cabinets or closets with clips, while some flexible tapes also use strong adhesive for installation options that allow them anywhere in your home without painting surfaces getting damaged when it eventually becomes necessary to replace an old strip–10 years is not uncommon!


LED strip lights are an affordable and easy way to add mood lighting to your home. They typically come with dimming capabilities, but some products also offer rotation or colour changing options as well! We recommend considering these features when deciding which type of LED strips will work best for you – they can make all the difference in how much entertainment value there is from this product

Individual light strips are available in many different colours and shapes. If you’re looking to buy one for use at home, it’s important that the colour options match your décor — but even then they won’t be able to provide enough light on their own! For casual evenings or parties where decoration is key rather than production quality (think: strung up glowsticks over a dance floor), basic features like warmth-emitting diodes will do just fine without taking away from any party ambience whatsoever.

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