What You Should Know About Outdoor LED Lighting

LEDs are rapidly becoming the best option for a wide range of outdoor lighting applications, thanks to their low energy consumption, long lifespans (and associated product warranties), and high-quality light with a wide variety of characteristics. 

The reasons are straightforward: LEDs are by far the most energy-efficient light on the market, they have a 2-10 times longer lifespan (and associated product warranties) than its closest competing technology, and they generate a superior quality light with many more options. They are tiny, continuous-use lights, which eliminates the risk of breaking and recycling that comes with previous lighting technology. The only disadvantage is that they aren’t the cheapest light on the market. 

However, even if a technology lives 10 times longer than a regular bulb, the price continues to drop, making it an excellent investment for a savvy investor who recognizes that it may last an order of magnitude (10 times) longer. After all, you get what you pay for.

Outdoor parking lots are one of the most essential elements for excellent outdoor lighting. Owners, real estate organizations, and facility managers all face several challenges when it comes to using parking lots. 

First and foremost, your parking lot must be well-lit to offer a welcoming and secure environment for tenants and visitors. The kind and specifications of the lighting in your parking lot typically set the tone for safety and professionalism throughout the facility. Lighting quality is one of the building’s most visible characteristics. 

Second, since they are generally on from dusk to dawn, your parking lot lights should be as energy-efficient as possible. 

Third, ensuring that the lights last as long as possible is critical because employing personnel and/or keeping employees on board to replace bulbs on a regular basis can be very expensive. 

For these three reasons, it is critical to install the greatest combination of high efficiency, long life, and top quality when selecting a lighting solution. LED lights are the 21st-century answer to all three issues.

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